Membership and Circulation

Borrowers Cards

Resident: Issued free to all Huntsville and Madison County residents ages 16 and older. Residents of Limestone County that live within the city limits of Madison and Huntsville are also eligible. Valid at all branches and bookmobile. Identification with correct name and permanent address required. A government-issued photo ID is required, such as a driver's license, passport or student school card. ID can be out of area driver's license combined with a lease, utilities bill, or imprint on a check or deposit slip.

Non-Resident: $20.00 annual fee for individual. $35.00 annual fee for families. A government-issued photo ID with correct name and address is required.

Young Readers: Issued to youth ages 15 and younger. Parent or guardian signature required. Parent or guardian must be a resident of Madison County or a Limestone County resident living within the city limits of Madison or Huntsville, and must agree to be responsible for all items borrowed by the child(ren). Identification for the adult is required as detailed in the Resident section listed above.

Public Computer Use Only: Issued free for in-house computer use only, to residents ineligible for a full membership card or to non-residents who do not desire full privileges. Non-residents may upgrade to fully privileged status if membership criteria are met. Identification with correct name is required. Preferred information includes, but is not limited to, address, zip code, phone number and birthdate. A photo ID is not required for a computer use only card.

Card Limits

Adult Card - 30 items or $500 value of all items borrowed.
Young Readers Card - up to 30 books, 5 CDs, 10 DVDs, 5 audio books on CD, up to 30 videos, 5 cassette tapes.
Public Computer Use Only - No items may be borrowed with a Public Computer Use Only card.


Check Out Period: Two (2) weeks, three (3) renewals, unless item is on hold.
May be returned to any Library within the Huntsville-Madison County System.
Reference: Reference books do not circulate.

Audio Visual Materials

Limit and Check Out Time:

  • Cassette Tapes - 10 for two weeks, three (3) renewals, unless item is on hold.
  • Music CDs - 10 for two weeks, three (3) renewals, unless item is on hold.
  • Digital Audiobooks - 10 for two weeks, three (3) renewals, unless item is on hold.
  • DVDs - 10 for one week, 1 renewal, no holds.
  • Audio Books on Compact Discs - 10 for two weeks, three (3) renewals, unless item is on hold.
  • Video Tapes - up to 30 for one week, no renewals.
  • Kits - 1 for two weeks, no renewals.
  • Playaway Views - One (1) per week, One (1) renewal, no holds. Must be returned to the library at which they were checked out.


Check Out Period: Two (2) weeks, up to three (3) renewals, no holds.
May be returned to any library within the Huntsville-Madison County System.

Computer Software

Available for in-house use only.

Rental Collection (Book and AV Quick Picks)

Rental Fee: $2.00 per book, $1.00 per DVD

Check Out Periods:

  • Books - Two (2) weeks, no renewals, no holds.
  • DVDs - One (1) week, no renewals, no holds.


Holds are made for books, cassette tapes, compact discs, audio books on compact discs, video tapes and kits. Holds may not be placed on DVDs, book and DVD Quick Picks, or magazines. There is a 20 item holds limit that a patron may request at a time.

An item may not be renewed if a hold has been placed on it. An item with a hold will accrue overdue fines according to the established rate if not returned by the date due.

Materials are held for 5 days.

Subregional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Material for the blind and physically handicapped is circulated free to those who are certified eligible by rules established by an Act of Congress.