Materials Selection


The primary responsibility of public library service is the selection and maintenance of the best possible book collection to meet the interests and needs of the community. Books and other materials will be chosen for values of interest, information, education and enlightenment of all the people of the community. In no case should any book be excluded because of the race or nationality or the political or religious views of the writer.

There should be the fullest practicable provision of material presenting all points of view concerning the problems and issues of our times--international, national and local; and books or other reading matter of sound factual authority should not be proscribed or removed from the library shelves because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.

Censorship of books, urged or practiced by volunteer arbiters of morals or political opinion, or by organizations that would establish a coercive concept of any issue, must be challenged by the library in maintenance of its responsibility to provide public information and enlightenment through the printed word.


The library will endeavor to select worthwhile books on all sides of all subjects. Censorship of any political doctrine or religious creed will not be exercised. The reading public will be given the opportunity to study all sides of any controversial issue. The library does not consider itself a censor, but a clearing house for all types of materials of a worthwhile nature.

An earnest effort will be made to purchase only books of recognized worth in various fields. Library funds will not be spent on works of no literary, reference or recreational merit.

The library will maintain a complete reference section in all disciplines in as much as library funds permit.

Books will be provided for young people to supplement their school work and broaden their fields of interest.

Quality books from approved lists will be purchased for children to assist them in reading skills, widen their horizons, help them in their school work, make them more aware of their cultural heritage, and provide them with entertainment.

Books of interest and assistance to elder citizens and retired persons will be purchased, as will materials to assist adults in their continuing education.

Books for recreational reading will be selected for varied interests such as popular fiction, historical novels, popular non-fiction, mysteries, westerns, science fiction and light romances.

Books of a general scientific and technical nature will be provided in so far as they do not duplicate existing collections in special libraries in the city available to the public.

A basic collection of the great cultural works of our civilization will be maintained.

As the public library is the natural storehouse for materials of local historical interest and as these may not be available anywhere else, every effort will be made to collect and preserve books, manuscripts, etc. relating to this region.

The needs of the physically and visually handicapped for special materials will be provided for by special collections.